Makeup and Hair #06: Soft & Stunning!

In today’s beauty looks, we will be looking at some soft but really stunning makeup looks. We all want a good face beat! Slayed brows, gorgeous lip colors, popping eye shadows, and an amazing glow.

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Glam! #04: Gele and Makeup Slayage!

We all know that an asoebi look is not complete without a gele, the tieing of gele gives the extra spice or should I say the jara glam to the asoebi look.
To bring your Slayage game to that party or your traditional wedding, your Gele, Makeup and even your accessories must be on point! Continue reading “Glam! #04: Gele and Makeup Slayage!”

Ankara styles #07: The Off-shoulder Swag!

Hey Guys, I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while now, but I’m back!

The Ankara off-shoulder style have always been a trend that is irresistible, they are versatile piece and can be rocked any way you want them as a dress or a top/blouse with a nice skirt or even a pair of jean! Yeah that right you can slay with your Ankara off-shoulderย  to parties or even wear it as casuals.

Here are some Ankara off-shoulder style inspos to keep you slaying!










Screenshot_2017-07-05-18-01-36 (2)



Screenshot_2017-06-20-08-41-56 (2)

Screenshot_2017-06-27-22-00-49 (2)

Screenshot_2017-06-25-09-28-50 (2)

Screenshot_2017-07-14-14-25-35 (2)


Makeup and Hair #05: Slay on!

We all say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but no one can deny an amazing face beat! Nice highlighting & contouring, slayed brows, gorgeous lip colors, popping eye shadows, and the undeniable glow are some of the elements that characterized an amazing makeup look.

Below are also some awesome trendy hairstyles for you to try on, from twist braid to the pixie cut, you could even try the Fulani cornrow and still slay on

In today’s beauty looks, Some of our celebrities and beauty enthusiasts are serving major makeup and hair Goals.

Take a look!

Powede Lawrence
Screenshot_2017-07-21-08-14-23 (2)
Tonto Dike makeup by @bibyonce
Screenshot_2017-07-25-19-29-34 (2)
makeup by @Dorannebeauty
Screenshot_2017-07-25-19-07-41 (2)
Tiwa Bola
Dimma Umeh



Ronke Raji
Screenshot_2017-07-20-21-04-46 (2)
Toni Olaoye
Screenshot_2017-07-24-13-18-38 (2)
Dorcas Shola
makeup by @joeysgalleria

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Weekend vibes #01: Fun and Flirty!

The weekend is finally here guys yayy!
Weekends are about fun, flirty and comfortable wears! You can get creative in your denim and tees. No one needs to wear a dress or an outfit that has so much discomfort attached to it just because they are trying really hard to look pretty or smart.

Iโ€™m recommending a chic, comfortable and sexy statement looks for the weekend for any fun activity you are attending, you can go with colour-blocking trend, layering and also match rare accessory! The exaggerated top or ruffle top is your best bet for a nice afternoon in a restaurant, lounge or the cinemas and looking pretty.

Here are some fun and flirty weekend style inspiration

Screenshot_2017-07-29-17-59-36 (2)
Stella Uzo
Screenshot_2017-07-25-18-51-29 (2)
Chic Ama
Screenshot_2017-07-25-19-31-46 (2)
Temi Otedola
Screenshot_2017-07-08-22-56-34 (2)
Screenshot_2017-07-05-10-45-03 (2)
Yomi Summer
Screenshot_2017-07-29-17-58-41 (2)
Stella Uzo
Screenshot_2017-07-24-11-24-28 (2)
Miss Vimbai
Screenshot_2017-07-10-08-30-55 (2)
Screenshot_2017-07-27-09-28-48 (2)