Food: Those times Yam Slayed!

Yams are root tubers and are also known as starchy vegetables found in Africa and some other countries. It has series of health benefits which are Promoting hair growth, Preventing a premature birth, Good for the brain, Helps to control weight, Good for the eyes and Reduces risk of cancer etc. I could go on... Continue Reading →


Owambe Saturday #01- Top 5 food you find in a typical Naija party

We all know Saturdays in Nigeria are typically for party from weddings to birthdays to burials etc. Nigeria are known for their delicious meals most especially the famous 'party Jollof rice' Here are the top 5 food you can find in a typical naija party... Photo credit: @thefoodnetworknig via instagram #5  Pounded yam with Egusi... Continue Reading →

5 Times Plantain slayed

1. Plantain slaying in boiled plantain pepper soup with orisirisi eran... Photo credit: @thefoodnetworknig via Instagram                               2. Fried plantain with sauce and peppered chicken...plantain is credit: @thefoodnetworknig via Instagram 3. Diced Fried plantain with fried rice and Chicken... plantain is just so cute. photo credit: @thefoodnetworknig via Instagram 4. Diced fried plantain... Continue Reading →

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