Makeup and Hair #07: Christmas Beauties!

Christmas is still in the air and the holiday has started for a while now, the new year is about to come and we all have things we are grateful for and those things we are expectant of.

It is the season of joy and good tidings, season of giving and appreciation of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. So friends go out, give out and have fun this holiday. Continue reading “Makeup and Hair #07: Christmas Beauties!”


Aso-ebi Styles #01: Gorgeous Aso-ebi inspirations from Banky Wellington and Adesua Etomi’s Traditional wedding!

Love is definitely a beautiful thing, #BAAD2017 aka ‘the wedding of the Year’! Is a celebration of love between Singer Banky Wellington and his Actress wife Adesua Etomi , After being featured in the movie “The Wedding Party ” the actors left us wondering if there was an off screen romance going on between them due to their on screen chemistry. Continue reading “Aso-ebi Styles #01: Gorgeous Aso-ebi inspirations from Banky Wellington and Adesua Etomi’s Traditional wedding!”

WCW #04: Maternity styles inspiration from the amazing Chic Ama!

Most times during pregnancy, women are expected to dress in saggy clothing, shapeless outfits and also be untidiness. Well, being pregnant is no excuse for not being stylish in fact; it brings out the sexiness in you!

Continue reading “WCW #04: Maternity styles inspiration from the amazing Chic Ama!”

Makeup and Hair #06: Soft & Stunning!

In today’s beauty looks, we will be looking at some soft but really stunning makeup looks. We all want a good face beat! Slayed brows, gorgeous lip colors, popping eye shadows, and an amazing glow.

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Glam! #04: Gele and Makeup Slayage!

We all know that an asoebi look is not complete without a gele, the tieing of gele gives the extra spice or should I say the jara glam to the asoebi look.
To bring your Slayage game to that party or your traditional wedding, your Gele, Makeup and even your accessories must be on point! Continue reading “Glam! #04: Gele and Makeup Slayage!”