Glam! #05: Gele & Makeup – For the love of Owambe Glam!

There are special occasions where you have to look your best! No one wants to appear in occasions like that looking under Glammed. Some weddings are for VIPs and you must come prepared! For the love of Owambe glam some women go as far as getting the most expensive studio makeovers just to get their gele tied and a litty makeover. Continue reading “Glam! #05: Gele & Makeup – For the love of Owambe Glam!”


Trends: Style your denim the slay way!

Denim will forever be a big part of our wardrobes and that’s not changing anytime soon.

From being an ordinary labor outfit to becoming a trend, denim can be styled whether by pairing a denim shirt with a gorgeous denim pants – skinnies or retros, an oversized denim jacket with bum shorts or just simply throwing on a denim short dress. Continue reading “Trends: Style your denim the slay way!”

Trends: Slay that Metallic pleats!

The Pleats trend is from the 90’s but this retro trend is still very much around now. While growing up, I didn’t really understand why people wear the pleated skirt because I didn’t think it was fashionable and they looked like high school uniforms. Well, guess I was wrong.
Apparently the pleats have been revolutionized into Metallic pleats. Aside from the fact that pleats are super classy and fab on it own but revolutionizing them into metallic pleats? That’s an overdose of Class! Continue reading “Trends: Slay that Metallic pleats!”

Ankara styles #08 : Ankara skirt styles to try on!

African women love to look stylish and confident as a result they try to explore the African print to suit their taste and sense of style and one of the major trends is the Ankara skirt.

The Ankara print skirt trend is definitely here to stay and we love the stylish way ladies are rocking their skirts from the asymmetrical hemline skirts to the high-waist skirts that accentuate the hip and also the flares. Continue reading “Ankara styles #08 : Ankara skirt styles to try on!”

Makeup and Hair #07: Christmas Beauties!

Christmas is still in the air and the holiday has started for a while now, the new year is about to come and we all have things we are grateful for and those things we are expectant of.

It is the season of joy and good tidings, season of giving and appreciation of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. So friends go out, give out and have fun this holiday. Continue reading “Makeup and Hair #07: Christmas Beauties!”