Wedding Glam #01: Bridal Tiara Trend!

The use of the tiara as part of the wedding accessories tends to be a fast growing trend. Spicing up the wedding dress with the tiara coupled with a stunning hair and makeup gives the bride the Royal look she dreams of.

To pull off the bridal tiara look, it is important to tone down the rest of your jewelry by going for a simple pair of earrings or necklace.

Here are some bridal looks we are crushing on…

Screenshot_2017-05-21-08-16-32 (2)





Screenshot_2017-06-15-17-29-54 (2)


Screenshot_2017-06-28-21-10-31 (2)


Screenshot_2017-06-19-19-06-17 (2)


Screenshot_2017-05-20-11-58-07 (2)


Screenshot_2017-05-22-15-34-32 (2)





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