Makeup and Hair #04: 10 Gorgeous Makeup Inspirations by Bibyonce.

Bebe Omagbemi of Bibyonce is one of Nigeria’s top MUA and is known for her subtle dramatic yet elegant makeup bringing in statement inspiration for the week.

Bibyonce serves a healthy glow with her brilliant highlights on both fair and dark-skinned and she’s known to transform the most basic face to a doll in an instant, the top Mua does elegance in the most under understated way with a bit of attitude.

Her makeup looks come as perfect inspirations for weekend parties, wedding guest makeup and even a bridal look, From rocking the perfect pout flaming red, vampy purple, chocolate and more with the smokey eyes done soft, bold and more in bright colours or blended in to make the lips stand out.

Check out these looks to get inspired or head to her page on instagram @bibyonce for more.

Screenshot_2017-07-05-07-55-34 (2)


Screenshot_2017-07-04-12-09-45 (2)

Screenshot_2017-07-04-12-12-52 (2)

Screenshot_2017-06-27-20-37-28 (2)

Screenshot_2017-07-05-07-59-47 (2)

Screenshot_2017-07-05-07-57-56 (2)


Screenshot_2017-07-04-12-14-38 (2)




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