Food: Those times Yam Slayed!

Yams are root tubers and are also known as starchy vegetables found in Africa and some other countries. It has series of health benefits which are Promoting hair growth, Preventing a premature birth, Good for the brain, Helps to control weight, Good for the eyes and Reduces risk of cancer etc.

I could go on but i don’t want to bore you, it versatility and delicious taste is one to behold and i can personally say Yam is Bae!

Here are some photos that proves yam is such a slayer.



Meal: Boiled sliced yam, garnished scramble egg with fried fish and sliced apple. Photo via @chefdeee on Instagram


Meal: Boiled diced Yam and Vegetable soup (efo riro). Photo via @foodace on Instagram


Meal: Yam porridge and grilled Fish. Photo via @lilicious_cooking on Instagram


Meal: Yam pepper soup with Boiled Fish. Photo via @foodlandfairy on Instagram


Meal: Pounded Yam and Afang soup. Photo via @sisi_jemimah on Instagram

Screenshot_2017-06-24-20-40-30 (2)

Meal: Fried Yam, Fried Plantain and sauce. Photo via @thekitchenmuse on Instagram

Stay happy and healthy!


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