Glam #05: 15 Gorgeous Bridal Inspired Gele & Makeup Looks.

Bridal makeup and gele is one major thing that makes a woman stand out on her traditional wedding here in Naija. In Nigeria, the traditional wedding is also as important as the white wedding and every woman wants to look explicitly divine on their wedding day. Continue reading “Glam #05: 15 Gorgeous Bridal Inspired Gele & Makeup Looks.”


Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands that are Lit!!!

Makeup and Hair #08: Sultry and Fresh!!!

Like we say here in Naija, “who no like beta tin” we all want a good face beat! Slayed brows, gorgeous lip colors, popping eye shadows, and an amazing glow too Continue reading “Makeup and Hair #08: Sultry and Fresh!!!”

Trends: Gorgeous Head Wraps style inspirations…

Head wraps has been a trend for as long as I can remember. But really, a head wrap can be a very nice compliment to your very Lit makeup & outfit, not just when you’re wearing something traditional.

Head warps has become a staple piece in every classy woman wardrobe, it is stylish and cute. And guess what?!

Continue reading “Trends: Gorgeous Head Wraps style inspirations…”

Aso-ebi Styles #02: Stylish & Elegant!

It’s the weekend guys, yayyy! As we all know Saturdays are for weddings here in naija, you know what to expect in a Nigerian wedding or party. You know it gonna be lit, the food, big party, the music/entertainment oh and the Asoebi Gang. Continue reading “Aso-ebi Styles #02: Stylish & Elegant!”